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How does the communication process between doctor and patient work in Colombia?

In Colombia, the communication process between doctor and patient is very important and focuses on personalized care. The physician listens to the patient, asks questions and clearly explains the diagnosis and recommended treatment. In addition, the patient's active participation in the recovery process is encouraged and detailed information is pro...

What kind of guarantee do medical institutions offer in Colombia?

Medical institutions in Colombia offer guarantees of quality in their treatments and procedures, as well as guarantees in case of complications during the medical process. These guarantees vary depending on the institution and the type of treatment. It is important to research and choose a recognized and reliable medical institution to ensure that...

What are the privacy and confidentiality policies in Colombian hospitals?

Colombian hospitals have strict privacy and confidentiality policies to protect patients' medical and personal information. These policies are regulated by law and apply to all healthcare providers in Colombia. Patients can be assured that their medical information will be handled confidentially and will only be shared with authorized persons neces...

Is it possible to combine several types of medical treatment in Colombia?

Yes, it is possible to combine several medical treatments in a single trip to Colombia. Many patients choose to do so to maximize their time and resources, and medical providers in Colombia can help coordinate the different treatments and appointments needed. In addition, this can be an opportunity to enjoy the country's tourist attractions while r...