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What kind of guarantee do medical institutions offer in Colombia?

Medical institutions in Colombia offer guarantees of quality in their treatments and procedures, as well as guarantees in case of complications during the medical process. These guarantees vary depending on the institution and the type of treatment. It is important to research and choose a recognized and reliable medical institution to ensure that...

The planning time for a medical tourism trip to Colombia may vary depending on the type of treatment you need and its complexity. However, it is recommended to plan at least one month in advance in order to coordinate all the details of the trip, including booking medical appointments, accommodation, transportation and other logistical aspects. It...

Are there specialized centers for the treatment of rare diseases in Colombia?

Yes, there are centers specialized in the treatment of rare diseases in Colombia, such as the National Institute of Health and the Cardioinfantil Foundation. In addition, there are doctors specializing in rare diseases in different hospitals and clinics in the country. Colombia has a high quality healthcare system and advanced technology for the tr...